285 Westbourne Grove, W11 2QA

Alexander James

Sharper Than Razor Blades 18.07 - 21.07

Preview: 18 July 6-9pm

"Sharper Than Razor Blades" presented by Working Projects focuses on the overlap of identity, digitalisation and materiality. The exhibition explores what defines a person's identity in tomorrow's world. James examines the multiple ways that digitalisation will practically affect all aspects of our contemporary existence. James responds to the digital evolution, interweaving this theme with elements of his own past and present, which includes an assortment of reused and recycled fabrics . He selects and combines these materials that reflect and transport the viewer into these diverse and yet increasingly intertwined worlds. James hopes to create a new environment for his works, working with a variety of mediums, including digital collage, paint and fabrics. James also depicts the fluidity of identity and the versatility of our own appearances, particularly through the use of aesthetics, archetypes and social uniforms, particularly those from certain groups and subcultures. These earlier social totems were previously used to identify roles within society and the various traditions and tribes that naturally stemmed from it, but have now been appropriated, reincarnated and disseminated to a much wider audience, ultimately, mirroring the reality that we are living.

Gallery opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday 12pm -6pm